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James Pemberton

#417328 PADI Assistant Instructor, Skipper & Owner of Island Divers

Started Diving: I first tried diving on holiday in Spain and had so much fun I came back and did my PADI Open Water with Island Divers in 2014.

Since then i have worked as a commercial diver doing a range of jobs such as, Welding underwater, salvage jobs, pier maintenance and building!

I thrive in the darker, deeper depths of the ocean.

Diving Interests: I enjoy all diving; working with youngsters right through to commercial jobs.

Favourite Dives: Anything underwater - the deeper the better!

My Future Diving: Take Island Divers to the top & continue to dive all over the world!

PADI instructors and Divemasters

Meet the team of PADI Instructors and Divemasters at Island Divers

Kev Martin

Kev Martin

#644405 PADI Master Instructor/ TEC REC 40, 45, 50 Instructor/ Equipment  Service Technician.

Started Diving: Passed the PADI Open Water Course in April 2006 and never looked back.
Became a PADI Instructor:  I became an Open Water Scuba Instructor in November 2007 and now I’m a PADI Master Instructor + PADI TEC 40 45 50 Instructor.
Diving interests: Wreck Diving, Deep Diving and Technical Diving.
Favourite Dives: The Giannis D in the Red Sea, HMS Stubborn in Malta.
My Future Diving: I would like to get into Cave Diving and to dive with Great White Sharks.

Kim Langridge

Kim Langridge

CD#641705 PADI Course Director

Kim has now retired from Island Divers but still occasionally tags along on dives!

Started Diving: Began diving in 1976
Became a PADI Instructor: Became an Open Water Scuba Instructor in 2006 and I am now a Course Director!
Diving interests: I love teaching the full range of PADI Courses but I particularly enjoy Wrecks.
Favourite Dives: Diving with seals in the Shetland Isles and more recently the El Mina Minesweeper in Hurghada
My Future Diving: Really looking forward to diving the remains of the Japanese fleet in the Philippines and some great local dives!