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SMB Diver

SMB Diver

The SMB Diver course covers the knowledge and techniques required for the safe use of Surface Marker Buoys and delayed Surface Marker Buoys. We will also look at the use of reels within diving. The course involves a classroom presentation and discussion and two open water dives.

Why use a DSMB / SMB?

  • Surface Marker Buoys serve a range of purposes. They are used to:
    1. Allow shore cover / boat support to identify an ascending diver
    2. Alert boat traffic to the presence of a diver
    3. Provide a visual reference for ascending divers
  • Surface Marker Buoys are popular for use in areas with heavy boat traffic, or where divers may be drifting in a current.
  • Delayed Surface Marker Buoys are popular where divers are unable to return to the shot line to ascend, or where divers may not have a visual reference once they end the dive.

What will I need and what is the cost?

Course Fee £195.00 

* Please note, all courses are valid for 12 months from day of purchase.

Site entrance fee: There is a fee for open water dives requiring entry to an inland dive site, payable daily by the student. Any boat costs if relevant, will be agreed prior to the course. 

Full SCUBA Equipment is required for the Course. If you need any equipment, you can hire this from Island Divers – just give us a call!

A reel and SMB is also a requirement for this course so pop into the shop for advice!

Proof of current qualification and experience, (log book and cards), must be provided on day one of the course.

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