PADI Public Safety Diver

Public Safety

PADI Public Safety Diver (PSD) Course

Taking Rescue Diving to a whole new level!

Public safety diving is an exciting and rewarding service provided to our communities by divers who call themselves “Public Safety Divers”. These specially trained divers provide underwater services ranging from Rescue Diving to Recovery and Underwater Criminal Investigations. Although public safety diving can be a fun and exciting adventure, it can also be dangerous and deadly.

Recreational dive training lays down a solid foundation for public safety diving, especially if the diver has continued their diving education by going beyond the initial Open Water course to Advanced and Rescue Diver ratings. To convert to PSD, you will be trained in progressive steps, building a public safety diving foundation by learning advanced techniques and equipment use specifically designed to allow the diver to safely and effectively participate in the particular environments and potential missions required of a PSD.
As a diver, taking the necessary steps to become a PSD is a serious undertaking. For one, others will depend on your abilities to contribute to the public safety diving situation, be it rescue or recovery in nature. Providing a service to the public cannot be taken lightly. It comes with an immense amount of responsibility, not only to the public you serve, but yourself, your family, your team members and the public safety community and agency that you represent.

If you are ready for the next step… there are a few things you will need before you start:

If you already have all of the certifications mentioned above, great! If not, our team at Island Divers will be able to tailor your needs and work out a schedule that suits you in order to gain these pre-requisite certifications and experience.

What will I learn on the course?

The Public Safety Diver is a highly coveted course and Island Divers are very proud to say that we are the ONLY dive centre in the United Kingdom that can offer this unique diver certification course.
This is a very comprehensive course and the list of skills and knowledge that you will gain is emense! But not overwhelmingly huge!

Below is a taste of some of the exciting and challenging skills you will be learning throughout the course with us:

  • Self-rescue techniques
  • Line signals and tendering skills
  • Underwater communications
  • Scene size-up and underwater crime scene management and evaluation
  • PSD emergency response techniques
  • PSD Basic search techniques
  • Creating dive operation plans and supervising dive teams
  • Victim rescue, recovery and egress techniques
  • Low visibility diving techniques
  • How to work together as a Public Safety Diver Team and effectively deal with any situation

This is just a taste of what is involved and if you think you are up to the challenge, we would love to have you on the team. Why not pop into the dive centre and talk to our PSD and Commercial Dive Team for more information and together we will mould you into part of our Public Safety Dive Team.

Course fee is: £625.00 pp

The course fee includes your Crewpack and certification card.

* Please note, all courses are valid for 12 months from day of purchase.

Site entrance fee: There is a fee for open water dives requiring entry to an inland dive site, payable daily by the student. Any boat costs if relevant, will be agreed prior to the course. 

Full SCUBA Equipment is required for the Course. If you need any equipment, you can hire this from Island Divers – just give us a call!

You will also use specialised equipment provided by Island Divers.

Proof of current qualification and experience, (log book and cards), must be provided on day one of the course.

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