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DSAT Gas Blenders Course

Until relatively recent times, gas blending was considered an art. Mystery and Myths surrounded the practice. Gas Blenders did little to enlighten others because exclusivity and knowledge equal power, or in this case, income.

At the sake of dispelling a few myths, you will discover that blending gases is a science, and that variables are known! There is no mystery!

For example, blending enriched air nitrox is simply increasing the oxygen content of air in a controlled, safe and reproducible fashion. All that is required is the right equipment and knowledge.

This course will instruct you in the safe methods of gas blending. As a gas blender you must know and understand the physical properties of oxygen, it’s various forms and purities, hazards and special handling requirements. You will gain hands on experience using our Cascade Blending System right here in the dive centre and there could even be a chance for you to dive using one of the mixes that you have created!


Course Fee £165.00

* Please note, all courses are valid for 12 months from day of purchase.

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