Hull Inspection, Video Surveys & NDT

Hull Inspections, Video Surveys & NDT


We can undertake a range of hull inspections, video surveys and NDT work which will be tailored to meet your requirements. This might be part of an annual maintenance programme, pre purchase or registration survey,  or a specific piece of work such as accident investigation.

By tailoring the inspection to your needs; we can provide a video survey with a running commentary to a full NDT survey with video, thickness and catholic protection readings taken at key points or over a grid pattern for a full hull inspection.

In addition to a full video report, we can also supply a hard copy of the readings through to a comprehensive report when our Marine Surveyor is required for the assignment.

NDT ultrasound readings on a breakwater dolphin using our new Tritex NDT testing unit.


Hull inspection of a 92m barge using a grid pattern to survey with thickness and CP readings at regular intervals.
Cathodic Protection readings using a Bathy Corrometer at water level, mid-water and sea bed as part of an inspection programme.
Part of a video survey with running commentary (not included) of a mooring chain and buoy
NDT testing for surveysCP for surveys

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