Red Sea Dive Trip

Red Sea Dive Boat Red Sea!

Click here to see a sample itinerary of a trip RED SEA INFO pdf file.

A Red Sea Liveaboard is a dive trip of a lifetime and we have been arranging trips with varying itineries for many years.

Offering everything a diver could dream of, the Red Sea Liveaboard trip is our number 1 dive destination.

Diving from your own “floating hotel” is a fantastic experience, allowing you to escape from the norm and interact with beautiful marine life on a personal level.

Clown Fish, Spanish Dancers, Dolphins, Napoleon Wrasse, Rays, Turtles, Starfish, Stunning Corrals and Anemones, the odd white tip reef shark as well as other species of shark are just a hand full of sights that await you….not to mention the stunning wrecks that are absolutely teeming with life!

Our last two trips have been custom made for Island Divers with an amazing dive itinerary based on feedback received from our overseas trip enthusiasts. This included up to 21 dives (all optional if you want to top up that tan!) on the most infamous wrecks and reefs both in the North and Southern Red Sea:

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